Gary J. Stuer, D.V.M.
Integrative Exams with Dr. Stuer

Dr. Gary Stuer, DVM, CVA, graduated from Tufts Veterinary School in 1987 and opened his practice in Bethel in
1994.  Dr. Stuer is certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (I.V.A.S.) and is a member of the
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.  Dr. Stuer is also a Reiki Master and Teacher.  
About Dr. Stuer.....
Integrative Animal Medicine
What is Integrative Medicine?
Integrated Medicine is a union of ancient healing wisdom, energy medicine, and modern medical care.  All are
necessary for the well-being of our patients.

Many years ago, Albert Einstein proved to the world that matter and energy are dependent on each other.  In his
equation, E=mc2,  "E"  represents the energy of a system, "m" is the physical mass, and "c" is a constant (the
speed of light".  Einstein's equation applies equally to inanimate objects as well as living beings.  The energetic
core (E) lies within the structure of the physical body (m), and is the foundation of life.

Modern medicine has made great strides in the science of diagnosis and the treatment of injury and illness.    But
it does not recognize the importance of the energetic core, which interacts with the cellular, chemical, and
hormonal systems of the body.  After addressing a patient's immediate physical needs, Dr. Stuer uses the ancient
healing wisdom of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, along with energy medicine tools, such as flower essences and
homeopathy.  By intervening at the energetic level, Dr. Stuer promotes long term health and wellness in his
The Goal of Integrative Medicine
Dr. Stuer's goal is to identify areas of energetic weaknesses for each pet, so he can strengthen their energetic
core.  The focus of integrative medicine is on prevention of illness, rather than the identification and treatment of
individual symptoms of disease.
Elements of Nature
The Chinese medical system is based on careful observations that have been made over thousands of years.  
These observations include both physical and non-physical characteristics.  Over time, Chinese practitioners
identified five unique "types" of individuals.  They used the elements of nature to describe people:
earth, fire,
metal, water and wood.  
These elemental types relate to the energetic core of each patient.
Patterns of Disease
Eventually, Chinese practitioners connected the patient's type with predictable patterns of illness.

What does that mean for us?  If we combine the observations of Chinese medicine with Einstein's theory of
energy, we realize that illness occurs in predictable ways when the energetic core weakens.  As a patient
develops illness, the root cause at the energetic core must be addressed.  Otherwise, additional health problems
will arise and become more serious as the core weakens further.
Specific Patterns of Disease
The two most common elemental types seen by Dr. Stuer are wood and earth.  Disease often shows up in the
following predictable patterns:

Earth - moist skin infections, chronic ear infections, anal gland issues, bladder infections, fatty tumors, severe
mouth odor, body odor, cysts, arthritis, etc.

Wood - dry skin, anxiety, fear, hyperactivity, dominance aggression, low energy levels, joint problems,
allergies, etc.

These are only two of the many patterns that occur in animals.
What to expect during an evaluation:
The first portion of the evaluation includes a detailed history of the patient's symptoms, information about diet
and exercise, and a review of medications that have been used in the past.  The hands-on examination begins
with a complete physical exam followed by a Chinese medical evaluation.
What to Expect for a Treatment:
Patients will receive acupuncture and/or accupressure.  Chinese herbs are usually prescribed and on occasion,
homeopathic remedies are suggested.  During each treatment, patients receive an energetic clearing to enhance
energy flow in the physical body.  If there are acute, serious health problems, Dr. Stuer will recommend
medications until the patient's health has improved.  In addition, there will be specific dietary
recommendations.  Follow-up evaluations will be scheduled according to the individual needs of the patient.